Welcome to Bonding with Baby Infant Massage

I am so pleased that you are curious about the beautiful art of Infant Massage.

Massaging our littlest family members is a wonderful way to provide loving, positive touch while also supporting a healthy framework for development. Compassionate touch is an extremely important component in your child’s life, especially during the first year. Touch is the first sense to develop in the body. Like all other animals, babies need touch to survive.

Baby Massage Hands

When touch is administered using this specific infant massage routine, it has the ability to help your baby sleep better, decrease discomfort due to colic, increase weight gain, and so much more. Massaging your baby is also going to benefit you! It will help enhance the bonding process, ease the understanding of your baby’s non-verbal cues and provide quality one-on-one time.

Benefits of Infant Massage include: Weight gain, reduction in stress levels, positive assistance with sleep disorders, relief of discomfort from gas, constipation, and teething. It also teaches relaxation at a young age.

As my father always says “Children don’t come with instruction manuals”. While Amazon and Barnes and Nobles may say differently, figuring out what your baby needs can be a challenge. Plus, who has time to read a stack of books?! Sometimes one of the best things you can do is arm yourself with as many tools as possible. Infant massage is a wonderful addition to any parent’s bag of tricks.

For benefits for special situations such as adoption and baby blues, please click on Further Benefits

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